Everyone wants to buy

Posted: July 17th, 2011 | Author: | Filed under: Sales | 2 Comments »

You just have to figure out how people want to be sold.

People visit your website, walk into your store, or phone you every day for one reason. They want to buy something from you.

They may not know what they want to buy, why they want to buy it, or even that today is the day they will open their wallets–but the reason people even spend time on you is because they want to buy something from you.

So, take their money!

If you think I’m saying go for the hard sell, the arm twist, the sleazy tricks, you are not paying attention. Do you like the hard sell? No. Do you think anyone else does either?

Everybody that walks onto a car lot wants to drive off of it. They may tell you they’re just looking. They just aren’t sure that today is the day. But give them keys to their dream car for a good price and no hassle, they’d probably take it and maybe even hug you.

No-haggle car dealerships, like Carmax, saw the opportunity when the rest of the market was hard selling. Even experienced car buyers would pay a premium to avoid the hard sell. Yes, a premium!

No haggle car dealers like Carmax are focused on figuring out how their customers want to buy cars, and they are revolutionizing their industry. Do you think you can figure out how your customers want to be sold and revolutionize yours?