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I'm planning to use this Wiki server as a temporary collaboration point (OpenDirFaq) for writing FAQs and other collaborative docs for the Open Directory Project, an org with 6,000 members or 'editors' (not sure how many of us are active). It's at I'll try and get someone to host a separate WikiWiki for us, but for now, hope no-one minds us being here. It shouldn't take up much room on the server.


Robin, I don't think you understand wiki yet. I suggest you spend some time reading before you post again. Thank you. -- WardCunningham

Okay, what precisely don't I understand about it? Look, I'm truly sorry if I annoyed anyone - it was dumb to jump in like that. But hey, I'm young, I'm naieve... -- RobinGreen

I don't think you have annoyed anyone yet, but you are in a position to. Ward is gently trying to redirect you. Ward has this computer in his home or business. In the interest of an experiment in open communication, and to foster a community of people interested in discussing object-oriented programming and the use of patterns in software design, he has opened up that computer to the entire world. His experiment only works if visitors respect that this is his personal computer he is making available at no cost to the visitor, and try to honor the intentions of the site. We are careful not to make business or commercial postings on his computer. It is not a "hosting" machine, and so it is not appropriate as a "collaboration point for the Open Directory Project." If you will look around the wiki site, you will find that it acts as an electronic whiteboard for collaborators around the world. That is its special purpose.

In the spirit of the wiki site, many random postings have been placed, not about OO programming or patterns. That is OK - it keeps things interesting, as with the link to your home site and project. And so your postings have not annoyed anyone yet. But if you really do use it for your own project's purposes, then that would usurp his machine. So, as Ward asks, please look around and see how this site is being used. I suspect you will find some topics of interest, and you might like to respond or add to them. Then that will be using wiki in the way it is intended. --AlistairCockburn

Thanks for the explanation, but I'm still a bit annoyed at the way most of the ODP stuff was summarily deleted. Thankfully, Ward told me how to EditCopy to recover the previous copies, for which I'm grateful. I have to say, in all honesty, I've had enough of wiki for the time being - maybe I'll come back years later -- RobinGreen

Then I probably was wrong, and your postings had probably annoyed someone. Sorry about that. Most of us consider it crucial to the experiment not to simply delete other people's pages. You might come and visit sometime, just to see what people are conversing about. best wishes for your project --AlistairCockburn

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