Hi, I'm Sunir Shah! I'm a marketer, developer and startup guy.

I love making the Internet a more glorious place.


Scholars in action.

Founder & Developer. The Internet was built for scholars. We build beautiful, fun tools that remake the practices of science and scholarship online.

Olark live chat

Chat with your customers.

Systems Analyst (Consultant). I am building Olark's marketing machine through a focused application of engineering.


The Revolution Must Be Profitable!

Revolutionary. The Internet is our chance to change the world. I believe the best way to make a difference is to build sustainable companies that grow globally through profit.


Collaborative hypermedia.

Founder & Editor. Since April, 2000, MeatballWiki has been the cornerstone for wiki culture, helping thousands of communities navigate between people and computers.

The Small Business Web

Web Apps for Small Businesses Unite!

Founder. Since March 2009 we have worked to make the Open Web the best place to find and buy small business software.